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Open Campus privileges should be granted to some Students

All high school students dream of having some sort of open campus. An open campus is generally when juniors and seniors are able to leave campus during lunch and when they don’t have a scheduled class. The largest problem with having an open campus is the safety of the students. If students can walk freely, then that means possible threats could also come in. 

Insuring students safety is paramount in all schools around the nation and having an open campus is a definite security breach. During lunch students could get involved with alcohol and drugs and then come back into the school. Also, some parents may not want their children to leave the campus for other security and safety reasons. 

Gull Lake is a closed campus school, so we cannot leave if we have free time or during lunch. Many students really want to have our school an open campus, so we could leave and go home to eat, or go to local restaurants.

I do believe that we should have an open campus for some students. They must meet certain requirements like, good attendance, a certain GPA, and some sort of teacher recommendation. An honors system is in play with allowing students to leave the campus. Some might leave and not come back, so ensuring that they will come back is important.

In other countries around the world lunch breaks are more accepted and more common. For example, France gives all of its students a two hour lunch break from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m, according to M-Live. This gives students more than enough time to eat a healthy and balanced lunch either at a cafe or at home. An open campus allows students to branch off in what they are eating. Instead of having lunch room food everyday, they can try new things. 

A benefit of allowing students to leave campus is it could possibly help local businesses. Therefore boosting businesses and helping our Richland community area.

For a more in depth look visit ConnectUS. They have more insightful information about the topic and more in-depth detail about the logistics of having an open campus.

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Molly Clark
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