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New Movie, Joker, hooks movie viewers

Arthur, who uses “The Joker” as his stage name, has a condition where he laughs hysterically and can’t help it. When three people on a subway ride start making fun of him, he gets mad and shoots them, which kills them. He did this while dressed up as a clown for his job. 

While watching that, I felt very disturbed that this man had killed people while wearing a clown outfit. But, he was also being made fun of, so I felt bad for him.

Joker is a new movie that is Rated R. Joker is the villain from Batman, but this movie is from the Joker’s point of view. I wanted to see this because it would be different to see things from a different character’s perspective.

Poster for The Joker, a new movie telling the Joker’s side. Courtesy of Pixabay.

Throughout the movie I was very interested. The plot was made very well, and kept me watching the entire movie. I never once got bored, and I was always hooked on the movie. 

Arthur lives in an apartment in Gotham with his mother. He takes care of his mother, and it’s just the two of them living there.

Arthur had wanted to be a comedian, so he used his own jokes and decided to give it a try. People made fun of him, which made me feel terrible. He just wanted to make others laugh at his jokes, not himself.

Eventually, a big comedian found out and played some clips of Arthur on his show. This comedian was someone that Arthur watched very often with his mother. He made some jokes about Arthur and that made Arthur angry, especially because he was someone that he had looked up to. That also made me angry. 

The movie kept me glued to the screen, but some moments made me very disturbed. I do not recommend this movie to people who have weak stomachs, or get disturbed easily. The movie can get very gruesome and disturbing. On the other hand, this movie was very interesting to watch, and it was different to see the villain’s point of view and how Arthur became The Joker.

For more information, visit the Joker IMDB.

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