The pros and cons of living in Michigan

Living in Michigan makes residents’ lives enjoyable

Living in Michigan comes with benefits and disadvantages. Many things that make living in the mitten enjoyable include the Great Lakes, sports, the four seasons, and Frankenmuth, hunting.

Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes which are great for fishing and hanging out on the beach in the summer. According to MSU, the Great Lakes have seven different types of salmon. There are many benefits of eating fish, especially salmon, and it is recommended that we eat fish at least once a week to maintain optimal health. 

Also, in Michigan, sports are very important. Michigan is known for football, hockey, basketball and many other sports. Michigan is home to the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Tigers, and many other sports teams. says that there are ten college teams, nine league, and seven professional teams. There are many teams to watch and root for.

Michigan also experiences each of the four seasons. Although Michigan is known for its “harsh” winters, Michigan has warm summers. According to Seasons Year, during summer, Michigan temperatures can reach over 82°F, but can average anywhere from 55°F-82°F. I like these temperature ranges because I like very warm weather, but I like when it gets cooler also.

During the Christmas season, Frankenmuth is very popular. Frankenmuth is a German town on the eastern side of the state. Frankenmuth is home to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, which is the world’s largest Christmas store. Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce says on their website that the town was recently designated one of the nine most Christmassy towns in America according to TIME. Frankenmuth is a very fun place to go when you’re in need of the Christmas spirit.

For hunters, hunting is huge in Michigan. According to the DNR, game species are deer, bear, elk, turkey, bear, waterfowl, trapping/fur harvesting, and small game. Small game includes squirrel, rabbit, quail, and others. Visit the DNR small game page for more information. Hunters have many species to choose from.

Michigan is very enjoyable because of the four seasons we have, the Great Lakes, hunting, sports, and Frankenmuth. These benefits of Michigan also give the people who live here options for activities all year long.

By Kayla Hampton

Living in Michigan can be expensive

A few cons of living Michigan stated by Trusted Choice is that there is an expensive education. In Michigan, the average tuition in 2018 was $6,585. That is stated to be above average for the USA. The economy of Michigan is not the best due to not many cities not being very well know there are only a few such as Grand Rapids, Detroit and Lansing. 

On top of that in Michigan, there are all 4 seasons, therefore we get mild winters. Sometimes the winters can be worse than others. In Michigan, the Great Lakes are surrounding the state, and that produces lake effect snow in the winter. This makes life hard because it is much more work to get rid of it and it takes longer.

Snow causing some schools in Michigan to close or have an early release. Photo by Kayla Hampton

 Lake effect snow is snow that moves slower over land then water so it is heavier than the snow in Colorado for an example. Bad winters mean you have to invest in multiple things such as supplies to remove the snow from your driveway like shovels and snow blowers and your car such as snow brushes and scrapers. Snow blowers are generally from $300-$700 dollars. On the other hand, shovels, depending on the quality can range from $3-$28 according to Menards. There are supplies that help get snow off of vehicles, such as the snow brush/ice scrapers, ranging from $3-$20 depending on how big and how well they work.

Also living in Michigan as a family there should be a car that has 4-wheel drive. This can be helpful so there won’t be any problems when the plow trucks are busy with other things and you have to be somewhere such as school, work, appointments, etc. This makes living in Michigan a problem because it affects daily life.

Another reason related to the winter, on why Michigan is not the best state to live in is that when the plow trucks go through fast while plowing. They put potholes in the roads, and these are very expensive to fix. The potholes also ruin tires of vehicles which cost even more to get new tires every couple years. 

The cons of living in Michigan such as the snow, the economy, road conditions, and the extensive school cost all show that Michigan isn’t the best state to live in.

By Chelsey Schram

Kayla Hampton

Kayla Hampton

I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I had been at Gull Lake since kindergarten, then I moved to Portage Central Middle School in seventh grade. I moved back to Gull Lake halfway through eighth grade. I play volleyball, and I have been playing for five years. I run track events, and I am trying out for basketball this year. I have only played basketball one year, and that was in 7th grade. I like to listen to music and hangout with friends and family.

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