Gull Lake Senate donates Halloween candy to troops

The Gull Lake High School Senate has organized a donation of Halloween candy for U.S. troops that are currently deployed. They have set out boxes and donation stations around the school for students to drop off any Halloween candy that they would like to have sent to U.S. troops. 

 The Candy for Troops project is run by Operation Gratitude, an organization that’s mission is to help forge bonds between Americans and their Military as well as first respondents through acts of gratitude and volunteer services.  The candy collected at Gull Lake High School was counted on November 5th and is ion the process of being given to Operation Gratitude who will then proceed to send it to U.S. troops that are currently deployed and serving our country. 

This year Gull Lake Senate’s president is Nicole Schmitt. The leader of Senate is math teacher, Reggie Walters. 

Walters shared some other events and projects that Gull Lake senate has planned for the near future.

 “We have our blood drive coming up as well as Bright Holidays,” said Walters. “Bright Holidays is when we sponsoring families for Christmas,” Walters said. “We will be sponsoring five families this Christmas.” 

For more information on upcoming events planned and organized by the Gull Lake High School Senate, such as the blood drive or Bright Holidays contact Reggie Walters at

Hazel Bigelow

Hazel Bigelow

Hi, my name is Hazel Bigelow. I am currently a sophomore at Gull Lake. It is my second year in the Gull Lake Community Schools. I moved to Richland from Grand, Rapids when I was eight years old. Besides newspaper I am also a member of the Environmental Club and the track team. I am super adventurous and outdoorsy. I love fashion and sports and am interested in going into the business world after highschool. I also have a love for traveling and trying new foods and activities.

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