Gull Lake girls’ soccer looks forward

Girls’ soccer season is creeping upon us, with only about three months to go before tryouts. team has been very successful in the past, and this future season is looking bright. 

This season, team is looking for a new head varsity coach after the old coach, Jeff Corstange, had to step down. There are interviews currently being held for the position. 

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, the team celebrated Senior Night. This game was also the girls’ last of the regular season. Photo by Parker Feraco

To get ready for the spring season, there are indoor games that the players can attend to get back into it. The indoor games are at Kingdom Sports Complex, and any students interested should email Karen Furlong at for additional information. 

Gull Lake takes soccer very seriously. The girls’ soccer team has been very successful in the past with multiple division championships and regional championships, and even some state championships.

“I loved playing soccer for the school because everyone was so nice and it was so fun,” said sophomore Leah Thomas who was on the team last year. 

Like any sports team should be, the women’s soccer team was close-knit and like a family.

Nyla Stanley

Nyla Stanley

Hi, I'm Nyla Stanley, and I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I have gone to Gull Lake since kindergarten. I play volleyball and soccer on my downtime when I am not doing my school work. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I joined newspaper because I feel like I go to a lot of events after school and in the community, so why not write about them in a class?

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