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Accepting the dress code

Gull Lake Handbook holds rules on the dress code dress codes so that students can stay focused and not have to worry about dressing nice to impress others. There have been many complaints about the dress code in the past and will continue into the future because there is no way to make everyone happy.

The Gull Lake Student Handbook states that “the reason for attending school does not change. Students are in school to learn. Any fashion that disrupts the education process or presents a safety risk will not be permitted.” 

One of the main things that bother girls about the dress code is that you are not allowed to show shoulders. They tell everyone that spaghetti straps, along with midriffs and other exposed body parts are very distracting to other students. Many students argue that it is only distracting to the boys at the school and that it is unfair to have to dress to help them. It is understandable to have rules set in place to control things and keep things in order, but many think this is a bit much. 

Most of the dress code rules are for our safety–such as not having large coats and other things so that students can’t sneak weapons or other harmful and dangerous things in school. There have been many problems with safety lately not as much at our school as at other schools, but they hope to keep it from taking place. 

There is usually more of a problem with the dress code when it is warm. This is usually when the shorts and short shirts come out and the school really tries to stress and enforce the code. At the beginning of the year, due to so many new teachers and the feisty attitudes of some of the students, they allowed teachers to email the office if they didn’t feel comfortable dress coding the students. Many of the teachers aren’t afraid to tell their students that they are breaking the dress code, and they will go so far as to kick out the student.

We all know that the rules are in place to keep us safe and help us learn, but many people do not understand or appreciate it. Lots of people come to public schools to be able to express themselves through the way they dress, and when they aren’t able to, it is irritating. With dress code, when it is broken it could make people feel self-conscious about the way that they dress or people getting bullied because their clothes aren’t as nice as someone else’s. It comes to learning and safety. Schools’ main priority along with our safety is here to help us, but not infringe on our rights.

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Syann Hollins
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