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The Weiss brothers manage basketball along with school

If you have watched a Butler men’s basketball game recently, you may have seen two people in blue or white polos hustling alongside the sideline, or wiping the floors after a play. These people are Noah and Will Weiss.

Noah and Will are both Gull Lake alumni. Noah graduated in 2017, while Will graduated  in 2019. They are sticking together in pursuing a college education, attending Butler University in Indianapolis. 

Noah and Will working court side at a basketball game. Photo courtesy of Will Weiss

Noah is currently a junior and is enrolled in the Lacy School of Business where he is majoring in marketing.

“Butler was a place that offered smaller class sizes and had ‘hands-on’ learning styles, which is very useful for the real world,” Noah said about what drew him to the University. “An example of this is the internship program, which makes two internships count as class credit towards graduation.” 

Will joined his brother at the university just this year. He is currently a freshman and is majoring in Human Movement and Health Education in hopes of becoming an athletic trainer.

“I was interested in Butler because of the small feel it had, but with it came big time basketball. My brother also played a role in my interest. We are super close, and we knew it would be an incredible opportunity to go to college together,” said Will. 

The Weiss brothers dedicate much of their time towards the men’s basketball program, all while balancing schoolwork with hours of practices and traveling for games.

Noah didn’t plan to be a manager when he first arrived at Butler, but when the opportunity presented itself, he took it. He said managing sort of “fell into his lap” after he talked to a faculty member who had a son that was managing on the basketball team and said that they needed help.

While Noah got into managing by chance, Will had his sights set on it from the start.

“Knowing that I would have an opportunity to be a basketball manager also played a role in me wanting to go to Butler,” Will said. “I love the game of basketball and managing was an opportunity to grow within it, to develop connections and learn more about high-level, division one programs.”

Noah and Will both have a lot on their plate, being good students and managers at the same time is no easy task. Both have many responsibilities on the basketball team including coding, doing laundry, helping with practices, scouting for games and many more tasks.

“Balancing school and basketball is very difficult, especially when I first started,” Noah said. “However, it has made me become a great time manager and has pushed me to become more efficient in all of my work.”

His brother completely agreed.

Noah and Will work alongside each other during a game. Photo courtesy of Noah Weiss.

“With 16 credit hours and still four to five hours on average doing basketball stuff, it makes for late nights,” Will said. “After games or practice,I am up late till around 1 a.m or 2 a.m sometimes finishing homework.  Overall it does get hard sometimes, but it’s all about balancing both and using whatever time you have, sometimes late nights do come, but it is worth it.”

The effort seems worth it for both brothers, allowing them to gain skills that will help them in their careers and providing them with unique opportunities. Will said he gains experience towards his career everyday, being able to interview Butler’s athletic trainer and be around players and coaches.

“Being at games and practice and just being in the locker room is like being in a job shadow everyday. I get to see so many different things that coaches say and do,” said Will.

Noah’s involvement with the basketball program helped him in getting an internship working with the NFL team the Indianapolis Colts, an opportunity he may not have had otherwise. 

“Managing was a huge reason why I was accepted when I applied for my first internship. I worked as an operations intern the past two summers with the Indianapolis Colts at their training camp, and a lot of my knowledge and skill came from my years of managing,” said Noah.

Noah continued his hard work with the Colts, routinely working 12-14 hour days alongside NFL players and coaches.

Managing has made the Weiss brothers learn professionalism and time management at a high level, while also providing them with opportunities to get internships and gain knowledge about their future careers, but it has also made them closer as brothers.

“Each and every day, me and Noah see each other and work together, and it has brought us so much closer to really do something we love together,” Will said. “Just being at school and traveling and doing practices and games has made us so much closer and has really been a fun experience.”

Managing makes the Weiss brothers divide their time carefully and continue to constantly work hard, often sacrificing relaxation in exchange for readying themselves for their future careers and taking advantage of any opportunities they are given, but both of them say it is well worth it. 

 “Overall I do because I love the hard working culture it brings,” said Will, and I love to learn from the game and all of the other benefits just come with it.”

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