Michigan residents prepare for upcoming cold weather

The leaves are changing and cold weather is on its way to Michigan. Last week Temperatures dropped to the low 40s. The weekend before was in the higher ’50s, which did not give us Michiganders a good transition into the freezing temperatures.

Many slip offs and accidents happened that week, this means we need to be more prepared for the next snowfall. With western Michigan expecting more snow, it’s that time of the year how will people prepare for this weather.  

Roads near Gull Lake in Richland, Michigan. Photo by Mariah Harney

 Gull Lake High School is preparing by changing wardrobe, shoes, and what’s in their car.

“I’m going to wear a sweatshirt every day, and maybe a jacket,” said Gull Lake student Morgan Ferraco. Which is usual, students should dress warm and be prepared and wear long sleeves during the cold weather. Shorts are not a good choice if your car breaks down, or you slide off the road. 

Many changes for cars will also happen throughout the transition of warm weather to cold. Cold weather means snow, which already happened the week of November 11 and Saturday, November 28.

“I’m going to get new snow tires for my car,” said Mr. Mullins, a teacher at Gull Lake High School.

Mullins’ choice helps keep him safe on the road because snow tires provide have more traction. Also, you’ll need to add a scrapper for your car for those cold mornings when ice is covers the windows. Other items like gloves, flashlights, rope, jumper cables and a blanket may be added to your vehicle.

With freezing temperatures, drive cautiously with the ice and slippery conditions on the road. It takes more concentration and time to get where you are going safely. Give yourself extra time so you are not rushing to get where you need to go (like school in the morning).

Preparation and transition will be tough, but it is coming, and be prepared for mailboxes being knocked down.

Mariah Harney

Mariah Harney

Hey! my name is Mariah Harney I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. This is my first year being apart of the Reflection staff, and I couldn't be more excited! I love sharing my thoughts on environmental issues and health. outside of school, I love to play soccer and basketball and I throw in track. I also have a pretty creative side to me from writing all the way to painting.

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