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Smart Boards introduced to GL classroom

The Gull Lake High School has introduced new EPSON Smart Boards to all classrooms in the school. These systems are completely over-ruling the traditional projectors. The capabilities of these new systems are innovative, and they will provide new ways for teachers to show and teach students.

After the initial learning curve for the teachers, these systems will be very handy.

“Gail Goebel, Gull Lake’s Instructional Technologist, has done an amazing job putting together quick tips and training documents,” said Mike Stephayn, Supervisor of Technology Services. “For example, teachers could circle, highlight and draw to illustrate to students. These systems could greatly help students who learn best through visual learning, and it can expand on those who don’t.”

Although this may seem weird to hear if you aren’t a student, but these projectors are brighter. Students sitting in the back are no longer plagued with asking the teacher what the projector says. The other projectors are dim, and make words mashed together and blurry. For those students in the back of the room, these projectors could help them a lot.

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