How Noah Larsen balances school and sports

Sophomore Noah Larsen: a double sport athlete and student here at Gull Lake. He balances sports and school while still maintaining academic standards such as keeping up on homework. 

Noah Larsen lookin’ “swaggy” before the homecoming dance.
Photo courtesy of Robin Larsen

Larsen played football and will join the Gull Lake track and field team in the spring. Larsen, for football, played whatever position his coach put him in, but he trained especially as an inside linebacker and a left the guard on the O-line. 

“I want to run track so I can improve my cardio and get into healthy habits,” said Larsen.

Larsen said in track he wants to try for long jump and the 800 meter run.

“I used to do the long jump in middle school, but I took a year off,” he said. “And the 800 I want to do because I wouldn’t say I’m a sprinter, but I’m also not a long-distance runner. So it’s in the middle.”

Larsen said that for the most part, he enjoyed running these events in middle school.

“But the 400 was pretty hard since I wasn’t very fast,” he said. 

In the fall, Larsen’s football team had done fairly well, with a 5-4 record. Larsen went to all of the practices and all the games, and still made time for himself to do his school work. 

Larsen (52) waiting to go onto the field.
Photo courtesy of Robin Larsen

“I felt I could’ve done better myself,” he said. “But seeing as it was my first year, I was proud to be on the team and achieve a winning season, which hasn’t been seen in a bit I believe.”

In the Spring, Larsen will run for the track and field team for the first time in his high school career. When Larsen was at Parchment Middle School, he ran track and said he enjoyed it a lot. He ran the 400 meter dash, the 800 meter run and the long jump.

He said he took last year off of the track, but he is ready to get back into it. 

Larsen used to also be on the wrestling team, but he’s taking a break this year, so winter is his off-season. But when playing two sports in two different seasons, Larsen said there really is no “off-season.” He, like many athletes, use this time between to get ready for the next sport. 

“I want to focus more on the off-season of football to make sure I can get a spot on varsity next year,” Larsen said. “I loved wrestling–it was a great sport that kept me in shape and bettered my discipline for sure.”

An important part of playing sports is being able to balance schoolwork and what you have to do for sports. At Gull Lake High School, if you are failing more that one class, athletes have to leave the team until grades pick up.

With more challenging classes, some athletes find it harder to balance time with all the different commitments. This trimester Larsen has been taking APUSH, Spanish 1 , Intro to Computer Science, debate and Physics A.

Larsen on the field waiting for kickoff.
Photo courtesy of Robin Larsen

Balancing all of this schoolwork and sports can be stressful. While physical activity relieves stress, formal athletics can add to them. Larsen said it’s good to take a break from all the stress of school and sports.

“I like to take time for myself,” he said. “I enjoy television or movies. So if I get a chance I’ll hang out in my room and watch.”

Nyla Stanley

Nyla Stanley

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