Cristy Connelle trying to make a lasting difference in students

This video is all about Mrs. Connelle. She is an English teacher at Gull Lake HS and loved by many. She is working hard to make the learning environment fun in her class while still teaching and getting good information across.

This is an interview that I, Syann Hollins conducted about Cristy Connelle. She is trying to make the learning environment more friendly and help students to enjoy learning. I interviewed Mrs. Connelle along with Victoria Labara, Rachel Grimes, Delia Stark and Anthony an old student of hers.

Mrs. Connelle in her classroom with her “POP” figures. Photo by Caidyn Hutchinson.
Syann Hollins

Syann Hollins

My name is Syann Hollins. I am a junior at Gull Lake High School, and I chose this class because I wanted to get better at videography and photography/photoshop. I enjoy writing, editing, and I also hope to improve those skills. I'm interested in writing about community activities and maybe a few sports.

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