Maddie Carr dances throughout high school

Dance is a huge part of sophomore Maddie Carr’s life, and she does it everyday.

Sometimes when people start dancing, they start with gymnastics because it gets people ready for dance and makes them more flexible and balanced.

“First I did gymnastics, and a few years ago some of my friends were joining dance so I decided to try it,” Carr said.

A common way people join sports is because a family member or friend has done it, or is doing it or just because they want to try new things like her. She inspired her sister to dance and that is the only other family member who does dance.

Sophomore Maddie Carr who wants to dance throughout high school.
Photo by Brittney Wiley

Carr has been dancing for four years, and it is an everyday commitment for five to six hours. That is a lot of dancing for anyone. With that much time per day dedicated, she said she really has to keep up with school.

In the winter time, she said, you have to “do more work,” but it is “worth it in the end.”

She said she wants to continue through high school, but she is unsure if she wants to participate in college. 

Carr enjoys dancing a lot even though it can be tiring. She said she likes that she gets to see her friends everyday. She bonds with her team very well so she gets to do something she loves with the people she loves.

“I don’t really have a least favorite thing about dance, but it’s a lot of hard work that you have to do everyday,” she said.

She said that she feels that some parts of the year are harder than others because sometimes during the winter, you do more. 

She does styles of dances like hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, pointe and jazz. Her favorite type of dance is contemporary, and she does contemporary the most in her competitions. She doesn’t have any specific dance role models, but she just looks up to any famous dancers she likes. She can do tricks like backflip, back handsprings and many turns at once.

“My favorite dance move would be the ariel because it is fun to do,” she said.

Maddie Carr at KAR dance competition doing an ariel.
Courtsey by KAR dance competition

When people are on stage, they tend to forget dances. When you are in a group dance, you have to try your best to pick up from other people, but if you are doing a solo, you have to improv which is making up the dance on the spot.

“I’ve never forgotten a dance on stage,” Carr said.

This takes a lot of skill to remember the dances, but she said she seems to be able to pick them up pretty easily and learn her dances in a few days.

Dance is a sport that takes a lot of time out of people’s lives and requires them to commit to it because right after school, dancers must to go straight to dance practice and often get home late. She said she manages her time by trying to get as much homework done as possible during the school day and finishing it after dance even if she has to stay up late. Being in dance can affect school because it doesn’t give much time to do extra things but she said she enjoys it. 

Rylee Hovanec

Rylee Hovanec

I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I play volleyball, basketball, and I run track. I live with my mom, dad, and I have a cat. I enjoy playing sports and I have been playing them most of my life. I like to hangout with friends and family, watch TV/movies, listen to music and relax.

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