Brenden Perry explains his wrestling season

Overall wrestling anyone who participates in wrestling knows the preparation is hard. They need to learn how to balance their priorities. They have to get their school work done, go to practice, maintain a positive attitude so they can manage it all. Wrestling is one of sophomore Brenden Perrys priorities right now. 

Perry is in his sixth year of wrestling, and he started when he was just eight years old. Perry said that he keeps coming back because he enjoys the sport and just working as a team, which is one of his favorites parts of the sport.

Perry also said his least favorite part is cutting weight to meet the right weight class including all the running involved with weight cutting. 

The wrestlers practice two to two and a half hours. The Gull Lake High School wrestling coaches are Tony DeRyder as the head coach, also Aaron Boone, Logan Curry and Josh Cunningham. Perry said he participates in three sports: wrestling, football and track. While he said he likes all three of the sports he plays, football is his favorite.

“Football is more of a team sport,” he said. “Wrestling and track are team sports but the events are independent.¨

Brenden Perry wrestling at Gull Lake middle school
courtesy of Perry family

Ironically, Perry said he wanted to quit wrestling in middle school because he did not enjoy it– it was kind of difficult for him, but he never actually ended up quitting. He began wrestling when he was eight because all his family members did it. He thought if they all did it, then he should try it out and see how he likes it.

When he tried it, and as years passed, he actually enjoyed it, so he continued. 

Perry said he does not do year-round wrestling because he has two other sports to do.

¨My other sports help me stay in shape for the wrestling season,¨ Perry said.

Another benefit Perry said is being able to stay fit in general. Wrestling gets him exercising all the time and doing things to get him in a certain weight class, either losing or gaining weight.

He also said that it is hard to balance school, but Perry explained how he does it.

¨School always comes first, then I go to wrestling practice,” he said. “I worry about wrestling after my school work.¨

The Gull Lake wrestling banner
photo by: Michael Hamp

He does all of his school work before extracurricular activities, helping achieve good grades and leaving him time for other activities. He said this gives him time to manage both school and sports.

Balancing school stress, school work and sports can be very difficult. Trying to stay motivated to do all of these things and stay positive can be very hard and stressful. It can be a commitment to do a school sport and do school at the same time. This can make a student very tired or stressed with doing homework even if it requires staying up late, not mattering how tired you can be. Being tired all the time can put people in bad moods, Perry said that his way to stay motivated throughout the season is to keep positive.

¨Look at the good things coming from what’s happening instead of thinking about the negative,” he said. “It is easier if you stick with having a positive attitude.¨

Michael Hamp

Michael Hamp

I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High school, I have five siblings that are all younger than me. I play three sports, volleyball, basketball, and track.

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