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Freshmen Civics classes receive advice from seniors

Every year the freshmen Civics classes meet with seniors to ask them questions as well as hear about their high school experiences. The guidance counselors arrange this in order to try and get freshmen motivated and excited for the years to come in high school.

The panels try to show freshmen the variety of classes and activities that are available to the students at Gull Lake. It can also demonstrate how students can figure out their ideas about careers during their time at the high school.

“It put everything in perspective of how different career paths can be found at the high school. Instead of just one senior, there were three so we got to see people involved with different things,” freshman Sydney Padgett said.

Each panel is different since a variety of seniors are involved in talking to the classes. By incorporating a wider variety of students with those involved in different activities, freshmen can get a better idea of the school’s range of opportunities.

While the ice can sometimes be difficult to break between the two grades, the ability to share advice and ideas with others is the goal in order to help point students in the right direction.

“I think they covered a lot and it really did help. In my class, at least, a lot of people weren’t asking questions, but the guidance counselors were asking questions that some people were maybe too scared to ask so I thought having them there was good,” Padgett said.

Coming to the high school can be intimidating for some, but for others it’s a welcome change. Introducing the panels between seniors and freshmen opens up a line of communication amongst the different grades. Making the transition from middle to high school easier is the ultimate goal of the discussions.

“I think the guidance counselors, upperclassmen, and the teachers have all helped a lot,” Padgett said. “And there’s more freedom. You’re treated less like a kid which is nice.”

Gull Lake has always made its aim to help students in any way they can. The senior panels are a great way to introduce the freshmen to some fellow Blue Devils as well as share information that can help them shape their high school experience into the one they want.

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