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Gull Lake students rate their favorite shoes

Shoes are the final touch to any outfit. At Gull Lake, there is a huge variety of shoes that people wear and a bunch of different styles and brands. The right pair of shoes can really make an outfit come together. 

Brittney Wiley’s Nike Air Max 90’s

“My favorite shoe color is white,” sophomore Kellen Muller said. 

Muller has white Nike Air Force 1s. White shoes really match any outfit that you pair with it, wither comfortable or stylish. 

“[My favorite shoe brand is] probably Adidas,” freshman Payton Isom said. 

Mariah Harney’s Birkenstocks

Adidas has been becoming more and more popular around the world. 

It has become a trend to not tie your shoes, but to tuck them in instead, but Muller said she likes to tie hers

“[I wear] like not long socks or short socks, more in the middle, like most of the time,” Muller said. 

The right pair of socks would make an outfit seem more put-together.

Syann Hollin’s Huaraches

“I wear long socks with my shoes, but I wear short socks when I’m at the gym,” Isom said. 

Michael Hamp’s Air Force 1’s

Muller said his least favorite pair of shoes are probably his Timberlands, which  are a type of boot for both boys and girls they trend most during the winter. They are both stylish and comfortable, and keep your feet warm.

But she said his go-to pair of shoes are his Air Forces. A lot of people might agree that Nike Air Forces are some of the most basic shoes to own, but also a very trendy pair of shoes for teens to own. 

Nic Tracy’s Nike Classic Cortez

“My go-to shoes are probably my pair of [Adidas] Ultra-Boosts,” Isom said “I think the best color shoe is yellow.” While yellow isn’t the most popular color shoe, they definitely stand out when they are worn. It is hard to match with yellow, but with the right outfit, the shoes would add the perfect amount of color.

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