Bittersweet ecstatic to start the 2019-20 ski season

With much more snow and cold weather on the horizon, ski season is beginning. Bittersweet, a popular ski resort in Otsego, is a popular destination for those in Southwest Michigan. With an elevation of 350 vertical feet, it offers 20 runs, and two of which are terrain parks. It offers one high-speed lift, two magic carpets, seven standard lifts and two tow ropes. Bittersweet has a large variety of different runs for those who are more experienced, or those just starting out. 

Thursday, November 14h, was their opening day starting with six runs and two lifts. Another student from Gull Lake, Caidyn Hutchinson, junior, joined me for skiing for their first day. We arrived at the hill at 4 p.m. and after getting our gear on and purchasing our tickets, we made our first run around 4:30 p.m. The lines for tickets and pass holders was a bit longer than usual, but they worked quickly, and lines were steadily moving. 

The conditions for the first day were very good. Neither Caidyn, or I, noticed any rough ice-patches or bad skiing spots. They had temporary jumps and rails set up but no full terrain park yet. It’s not ready yet, but they will have a new run that will be called Sequoia. This new run will be on the far right side of the hill. 

Over the summer, they worked on renovations making more seating that has a view of the hill. Their new design offers a more open-concept area and a naturally brighter room. Their pro shop was moved as well, and is now bigger and offers more merchandise. However, they have not updated the restaurant, Winners Circle, the Cafeteria, or the main entrance. 

Overall, Bittersweet seems ready for this new season, as am I, to see what this season has in store for us.

You can visit Bittersweet’s website by clicking here.

Molly Clark

Molly Clark

Hi! My name is Molly Clark and I'm a junior at Gull Lake High School. I enjoy writing, taking pictures and traveling. I would like to pursue writing and turn it into my profession.

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