Richland Area Community Center teaches fencing classes

The Richland Area Community Center is hosting fencing lessons provided through the Gull Lake partnership. Elementary students that are a part of the partnership have the opportunity to take fencing as a class in their curriculum. 

The teacher of the class, Zeke Talmage, also teaches fencing at Gull Lake High School and other classes in the Gull Lake partnership including Lego, robotics and drone camp. Most recently he has been teaching the fencing and robotics classes.

The community center seems the perfect place for Talmage to teach.

“The RACC is a great place to teach fencing, particularly for the elementary students, as the mirrors provide instant feedback on proper form and technique,” Talmage said.

Fencing classes and more will continue to be taught at the community center teaching people in the community and collaborating with the Gull Lake partnership in the future.

Nicholas Tracy

Nicholas Tracy

My name is Nicholas Tracy and this is my second year on the newspaper staff. This year I am the chief editor of the newspaper.  I enjoy writing generally, so taking newspaper allows me to expand the number of ways I can write. I like to write all articles, but prefer sports and movie reviews generally. I also play soccer on the Varsity soccer team here at Gull Lake.

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