Students and teachers anticipate upcoming Winter snowfalls

As winter continues, Michiganders are curious and ready for the snowfall to come. In Richland, Gull Lake students are interested to see how many snow days they will end with. The past year, the Gull Lake district ended with 13. Although these days off were nice for students, teachers had a hard time with teaching the curriculum in a shortened amount of time.

Meteorologists from Accu-Weather predict that Michigan, and the midwest, could end up having another “Polar Vortex.” They also predict that it will be colder, and possibly even more snow. Alongside Accu-Weather, the old Farmer’s Almanac also predicts lots of snow showers and cold weather, with specific dates of the showers.

2018 snowfall in South West Michigan from the Polar Vortex. Photo by Natalie Herson.

At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, there was a large state-wide debate on whether districts that exceeded there snow day limit should have to remake those days. It was determined that those districts should not, including Gull Lake.

Governor Whitmer issued multiple state-of-emergencies the Winter of 2018 as well, according to NBC Fox 25. These were to get everyone off of the road to insure safety, and so emergency vehicles could get around quickly. These emergencies not only affected schools, but normal workplaces as well, which would get confusing for business owners. Because of these state-of-emergencies, these employees would not know if they would have to report to work or not. 

As November and December begin to set in, these predictions are getting more likely and more accurate. As southwest Michigan saw snow on Halloween, the area is beginning to prepare for more coming in the future.

Molly Clark

Molly Clark

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