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Star Wars Rise of Skywalker review

On December 20, 2019, 47 years after the release of “A New Hope” the Skywalker saga was brought to a close with the newest Star Wars movie,  “The Rise of Skywalker”. While closing the curtain on the Skywalker saga, this movie also brings the end of a trilogy, starting with the 2015 release of  “The Force Awakens”. This movie was jam packed with action, trying to fit in as much as possible to bring a dramatic conclusion to the series. While a lot of action is great, I feel that they jammed too much into this movie, most likely due to the change in directors between the second and third films in the trilogy. JJ Abrams directed “The Force Awakens” and “The Rise of Skywalker”, while Rian Johnson directed “The Last Jedi”, the second installment in the trilogy. It felt like Abrams and Johnson had different ideas in where to go with the series and Abrams tried to fit two movies worth of content into one.

I did not mind Emperor Palpatine being brought back into the story, but I feel that it should’ve been at least hinted at in one of the previous movies. Palpatine is just thrown into the final movie of the trilogy and becomes the main antagonist of the movie immediately. Although he is just dropped into the final movie, the Emperor is still a strong character and presents a new challenge to both the rebels and The First Order.

One of my favorite things about this whole trilogy is the inner struggle shown in Kylo Ren. Adam Driver does a great job in this movie showing the further conflict that Kylo feels in himself, wanting to be good but thinking he has gone too far to return to his former self. There is a callback to “The Force Awakens” When Kylo is confronted by the ghost of his father, Han Solo, he makes a different choice this time. 

I feel that the movie could have been much more cohesive as a whole. One of my largest problems is how fast Rey is developed as a character, and how her conflict seems relatively weak compared to Kylo Ren’s. While Kylo Ren is clearly a main character of the series, Rey is the headliner and she falls short of Ren’s impact and character building.

With all of that being said, I did enjoy the movie. The first time I saw it I found it hard to follow all of the separate storylines going on, but the second time around when I knew what to expect I actually enjoyed the movie more. I would give it a 7/10

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