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Snow Days: Good time or waste of time

It’s great to get a day off by Rylee Hovanec

Snow days are said to be the best thing for kids because they don’t have school. Others like parents don’t like them because it makes it difficult for them to get to work, and the dangerous weather isn’t always the best when driving. If it is too bad, it can be unsafe but if it isn’t, there isn’t much bad about it.

The positives of having a snow day are having a break from school. It gives you time to catch up on school work and more time to be proactive and consistent with getting your work done. School can be very stressful and having a break once in a while to use your time the way you want is important to have for a students’ well being. This is true for college students as well. In Life As A Captain, a Christopher Newport University in Virginia student writes that “a snow day provides you with almost endless opportunities” and “it’s the ideal time to kick back and relax” to give you a break off from school.

Michael and Rylee outside in the cold, winter weather.
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Although snow days can be dangerous for people on the roads, as long as you drive carefully or stay home, you should be fine. If I had to go on the roads, depending on how bad the roads are, stay home. Snow days are great for me and my friends. If the roads aren’t the worst, we can go out and do a winter activity with them and have a fun day away from school. You could go sledding, skiing/snowboarding, ice skating, or just play in the snow. Abigail Wise, a writer for a health story from Real Simple says, “playing outside counts as a major exercise,” so you don’t have to have a lazy day but you can do both. 

Snow days do have some down side to them. When the schools call for a snow day, the students get excited, but what they do not understand is all the work that the teachers have to change because they can not teach it that day.  One snow day is not a big deal, but when they start to pile up it means more work that the students should be learning is not being taught. 

Most parents work very hard at their job and sometimes, they will be let off from work or could “force us to take vacations,” says Wise. They deserve that because of how hard they work and everyone needs a nice break sometimes. It is exciting to wake up in the morning to your parents saying it is a snow day is a great feeling for them because they get to sleep in and do what they want. Overall, snow days give students and parents free time to do what they want to do away from stress.

The negative effects of snow days by Michael Hamp

Another reason is when young kids go to school, it is good for the parents because they do not have to worry about daycare or babysitting. 

When there is a snow day, parents have to try to figure out babysitting ideas or stay home with the kids, but some parents may not afford to do that. One mother lost her job trying to take care of her child– “fired after taking the day off to care for her son during the polar vortex,” according to

The students may get a day off when there is a snow day, but the teachers do not. The teachers still have students work to grade and schedule to fix because they need to figure out the time to teach the lesson they planned on teaching that day.

There also could have been a sporting event going on that day that could have been canceled, and the students could have been looking forward to attending or playing in the event. 

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