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Beans OR Leaves? Which is better tea or coffee?

infographic drawn and designed by Juan Salcedo

Why coffee roasts all competition with tea

By Juan Salcedo

You probably reach for one beverage or the other every morning, whether you’re going to work or lounging on the couch. In the beverage world, the rivalry between coffee and tea drinkers is one of the hottest and most bitter

Coffee drinkers often say that a great espresso “paints the tongue,” and indeed, it does. According to the National Coffee Association, this caffeinated drink is a go-to for 64 percent of American adults, and for obvious reasons. The FDA has reported that an 8-ounce cup of coffee has 80 to 100 milligrams of caffeine compared to tea’s 30 to 50 milligrams.

Juan Salcedo and Mariah Harney drinking a coffee and tea in the Gull Lake High School cafeteria. Photo by Brittney Wiley.

If you love coffee, there are virtually endless assortments of ways you can enjoy it. Most, if not all, cafés have an impressive variety of coffee drinks on the menu. You can order a cappuccino or an Americano. There’s also the espresso, the macchiato, and the mocha, to name just a few.

Coffee drinkers can be confident that any café serves your drink of choice. If, on the other hand, you favor tea, you can’t be guaranteed they serve what you want. “Grabbing a coffee” with a coworker or a date is simple when you drink coffee, but a tad stressful when you don’t. What if the café doesn’t offer the tea you like, or tea at all? Day to day life would be much less nerve-wracking if you drank coffee.

Coffee is so much more than just a drink. It is also an experience to be shared with others. Going on coffee breaks with coworkers or fellow students gives you more face-to-face time. You can catch up on what they did over their weekend or discuss the test next Tuesday. Coffee brings us closer together and helps us get to know each other better.

A cup of coffee will go much farther than a cup of tea towards making you human again after pulling an all-nighter. Anyone who needs the extra boost would prefer coffee rather than tea since it is much more effective at waking you up or keeping you awake. The story doesn’t stop there. Drinking coffee contains many more benefits than tea, and in the end, coffee is just a better choice.

Tea is the healthiest choice

Data from NCA and FDA. Infographic drawn and designed by Juan Salcedo

By Mariah Harney

Tea has its advantages over coffee, especially with health. Tea holds lots of antioxidants that wash out harmful oxidants out of your body and while coffee does hold antioxidants, it is in a way lower concentration. 

Teas can give you energy or have you relaxed depending on what tea. Teas such as matcha green tea and mate tea have a good concentration of caffeine to get you boosted in the morning. You can also get teas that are meant to be high caffeinated.

When caffeine is consumed in excess, which is very easy to do with coffee since it is highly concentrated with caffeine, it can cause harmful effects to the body. such as panic attacks, increased heartbeat, or just overall being wild. Teas do have caffeine but not as much so if you like to drink in excess than its good to stick to a nice refreshing green tea or any tea. 

On the other side of caffeine, there are teas that can send you into zen and get you relaxed after a hard day at work. Teas like peppermint tea and chamomile tea are perfect for relaxation. 

There are teas that can help with colds, headaches, sore throats, bloating, nausea, and even anxiety. Teas are also known for helping your immune system and metabolism. 

Various studies have shown that tea can also help prevent heart disease. Robert Hass in his book Eat to Win for Permanent Weight Loss says “Tea has flavonoids, phytochemicals that help reduce the buildup of artery-clogging plaque.”  

Tea is a good way to start your day and to end it in a beneficial, healthy way.

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