Author Nick Haddad reveals the unknown nature of the butterfly

On January 16, Nick Haddad the author of The Last Butterflies came to the Richland Community Library to talk about his new book. This book is to bring light to rare butterflies and how global warming is affecting them in the environment. In his book, he takes about many butterflies that many people do not know that much about, while also talking about the butterflies that are most common.

One example of this is the Fender’s Blue which is also an endangered species in Northwestern Oregon. He wants to save the butterflies and the environment and bringing attention to what you might not know. 

According to Amazon’s description of Haddad and the book: “Haddad illustrates the race against time to reverse the decline of six butterfly species. Many scientists mistakenly assume we fully understand butterflies’ natural histories.”

Haddad takes time to research and track the butterflies well know or not. This is also very very challenging because they are going extinct also there are only certain times and seasons where you can find these creatures. He wants to get people interested in why the butterflies are disappearing any to hopefully inform others and get them interested in the beautiful dying creatures.

He has bis thoughts and plans for the future of the butterflies and the environment as a whole. Although his main focus is butterflies he focuses on the environment as well. Trying to avoid further endangerment of the environment that we are living in. 

Amazon says, “Though the efforts to protect and restore butterflies, we might learn how to successfully confront conservation issues for all animals and plants.” 

Syann Hollins

Syann Hollins

My name is Syann Hollins. I am a junior at Gull Lake High School, and I chose this class because I wanted to get better at videography and photography/photoshop. I enjoy writing, editing, and I also hope to improve those skills. I'm interested in writing about community activities and maybe a few sports.

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