Dolittle film proves nostalgic

Everyone knows the childhood movies based off of the veterinarian who could speak to animals, Dr. Dolittle. The popular Eddie Murphy movie had four sequels with the same plot and ideas. These movies produced by Perfect World Pictures were based on a series of children’s books written by Hugh Lofting. Before this movie, was another with the iconic song “Talk to the Animals” written by Leslie Bricusse. 

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A new version opened in theaters and stars the Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

The movie takes place in the nineteenth century in England. Downey plays Dr. Dolittle, and all his animal friends are voiced by famous stars like Tom Holland, Emma Thompson, John Cena, and Selena Gomez.  The movie has a lot of characters who are voiced acted by very popular actors, which should make for an entertaining film which made me wonder why some of the reviews were not very good. 

In the film, the Doctor has the ability to talk to animals and be able to understand what they say back. The doctor’s wife, Mrs. Dolittle, passes away while out on an adventure on the ocean. I think that Downey really fits the role well and can not think of anyone better suited. He is truly one of Hollywood’s most gifted actors, and he is well-deserving of the starring part in the film. He has a very ambitious personality, which would give him the deserving part of the lead role. 

After his wife’s death, the Doctor isolates himself, and he shuts down his veterinary business. Many years later, he is called by the Queen of England to go on a quest to find a plant that will heal her of her sickness. The doctor meets many new friends along the way, and also meets old enemies. I think that this as the central point of the movie seems a bit odd, because why would The Queen hire some veterinarian to go on an adventure for her? It didn’t make much sense to me, but it was obviously needed for the movie to play out the way that it did. She puts her fate in Dolittle’s hands, a man who takes care and heals animals. He’s not a rugged adventurer, but he ends up as one who climbs through caves to find the hidden treasure. 

My favorite part was when Dolittle explained to the boy named Tommy, who came along with him on the adventure, about how Dolittle learned to talk to animals. He even teaches Tommy a little bit on how to talk to animals too. I also really enjoyed how Tom Holland played Jip the dog that is left behind to stay with the Queen. I love Holland and Downey as a duo in movies, and it made me happy when I recognized his as Jip’s voice. In their roles together as Tony Stark and Peter Parker in the Marvel Movies, they seem like they are really good friends, and they give off good vibes when they are together. 

Although there are many reviews online that say that Dolittle is not a very good movie with only 14 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Google Reviews shows that 85 percent of Google users enjoyed the movie. While obviously a very large difference in the ratings, I believe that the movie was well developed yet there were times where I thought to myself “What is even happening?”

All of Dolittle’s animal friends were cute and all of their individual personalities entertaining. It does have very interesting storyline with just the right amount of nostalgia mixed in. The film reminded me of watching the Eddie Murphy movies that I used to watch when I was a kid. 

Overall, I would give this film an 8/10. It was very good, This would be a good movie to go see with your little siblings or cousins.

Nyla Stanley

Nyla Stanley

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