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PAC leads up to Everyman in ‘The Circus of Life’

PAC has had two shows so far and the second show is called Everyman in the Circus of Life. The plot of the drama was about a man named Everyman played by Cully Cooper who is surrounded by people who have a meaning. His character isn’t the best person, and he tends to be selfish. The ringmaster, played by Megan Henderson, represents death and tells him to write a book of what good things he has done in his life, or he will be served death. Characters represent different concepts: the juggler, represent worldly possessions and the weightlifter,  strength, and others characters come around to help him. 

Sophomore David McDowall, who played the snake charmer, enjoyed his part in the play. 

“I liked seeing everyone play their part on the stage that made the show happen,” McDowall said. “The play itself was confusing at some points but It got better throughout and I felt there were some cool parts as well.” 

Ending of the PAC show, Everyman in Circus of Life.
Photo by Rylee Hovanec

McDowall said that being a part of PAC can be “busy and frustrating. 

“But you get used to it, and there are many things that can be enjoyable too,” McDowall said.

He said that most things can be stressful, people just have to figure out ways to cope with it. PAC is an everyday practice where the actors go from auditions to assigned roles or other supports such as stage crew and lighting.

McDowall said that each show takes a bit of time to get people for the right roles and figure out who will handle backstage and who will be in the play.

“It can be stressful when doing the auditions because most of us want a bigger part but others enjoy being behind the scenes,” he said.

Sophomore Delia Stark may not have been in this play, but she was  behind the scenes, playing an important role with the lights. 

Stark said she had to make sure she was “in sync with the other side of the stage for the whole show which was stressful but I managed.” 

Start said that working behind scenes is important just like being on stage because the visuals add certain moods to the play and make it more interesting. 

“It took a little bit of time to learn what I needed to do for lights but I got the hang of it and didn’t mess up during the performances,” Stark said

Stark said the show was “very fun.” 

“Setting up for it each time was easy because we had a lot of help,” Stark said, “but we just needed to focus and listen during the show to make sure we were on cue.” 

Overall, the PAC show of Everyman in the Circus of Life was successful for actors and people behind the scenes. They went to states and earned a 6th place.

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