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Wrestlers finish with strong season

Sophomore wrestler Colton Hicks said he feels this season ¨has been one of the best seasons for wrestling in a long time.¨

With a record of 29-10, the wrestlers started strong in November and continued until this February. Wrestling has come to an end for all except the few seniors who made it to districts.  

¨The season went very well and we had many wins,¨  junior Oliver Hess. 

Sophomore Brendan Perry said there is always room to improve.

Sophomore Brenden Perry wrestles against an opponent at a home meet.
Courtesy of Josey Bouhanna

¨I will keep working at it and try to be the best for myself,” Perry said. 

The wrestlers practice daily to get stronger and some try to either lose or gain weight if they need to fit in their weight range. 

Hicks said that wrestling is not an easy sport, and sometimes they don’t get enough credit for the hours put into it 

¨We have to run a lot basically everyday, so we keep fit and stay at our weight,” Hicks said. “They are very specific and weight is very important to maintain for Wrestling.¨ 

Hess said that while running everyday for a long period of time can be a lot of hardwork and very tiring, he’s been involved in wrestling so long that it’s not a big deal. ¨The running part isn’t as bad anymore,” Hess said, “but the losing and gaining weight can be very frustrating.¨

Along with the preparation, there are also  many rules to wrestling that make it tricky. Wrestlers need to make sure they are following the rules so they don’t get disqualified. 

“When you are on the ground, sometimes you are not thinking, and you can do something that might not be legal,”  Hess said. 

While the point of wrestling is to pin the other down to win, Hicks said he often has other concerns. 

“When I am on the ground, I don’t want to hurt the person too bad because that wouldn’t be a good thing,” Hicks said, “but I still do whatever it takes to win.” 

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