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Jacob Elwell prepares for freshman baseball

Although this will be Gull Lake freshman Jacob Elwell’s first year of high school baseball, this not his first year playing baseball. Elwell has played baseball for 12 years, and wants to proceed to play.  Elwell said he continues to play baseball because he enjoys the sport. 

¨It’s the best sport out there,” Elwell said. 

Elwell started playing baseball when he was younger because his dad had played, and they both thought it was a good idea for him to start as well. 

Elwell said he continues playing baseball year-round. He participates in both travel and school ball. He plays B45 for travel, and he is a pitcher and catcher for his team. He enjoys both travel and school ball but his favorite is travel. He said he enjoys the travel team because he has been playing that for longer and has known the people on the team for a long time and enjoys meeting the new people that come to the team. 

Elwell said he is nervous about school ball, the tryouts are on March 9-12. He has been getting ready for tryouts by doing his travel team. 

“I feel like travel ball helps a lot with getting ready and preparing for school ball, because not only just working on the fundamentals are also playing the game and getting a better understanding of the game,” Elwell said. 

Tryouts are three days long, four days long including the day the cuts happen. 

“There are a lot of people that try out for the boy’s baseball team which makes me nervous,” Elwell says. 

Normally more than nine people will make the team so that people can have breaks and backups for people that get injured. Knowing that multiple people can make the team for different positions can make people feel not as stressed for tryouts. 

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