PAC’s Winter show Circus of Life exceeds expectations

There was never a time where I wanted to look away from the stage the night I saw the Performing Arts Company’s winter show, Everyman in the Circus of Life.

There were many people who came out to see the play–they even had to go find more chairs so everyone could sit down, so obviously they had a larger turnout than they had expected. 

The company had performances on the 21, 22 and the 23, not to mention that the company went to states for their production of Everyman in the Circus of Life and played in front of judges a couple of times. I went to the show on Saturday the 22 at 7 p.m. The play was about 45 minutes long, which was a lot shorter than the play I had gone to watch in the fall. 

Director Lisa Ouellette, who is also an English and Performing Arts teacher here at Gull Lake High School, opened the play by thanking everyone in the crowd for coming and special thanks to the select people who really made the play. As she walked away from the stage, the members of the company all yelled: “Are you ready?” and let me tell you, everyone who was sitting down in the audience was ready. 

The staged opened to the two barkers, played by Jadon Weber and Drew Branstetter, who stood on elevated stands on both sides of the curtains, talking about Everyman, played by Cully Cooper, about how he is a waste of life, and how he hasn’t done anything for others. His main focus is on himself, no one else. 

Everyman unites with many “Friends” on his adventure and tries to persuade them to help save his life from the Ringmaster, or better known as death, played by Megan Henderson. But, they tell him how he has never done anything for them after all of the things that they have done for him. 

Many arguments took place, lots of yelling and mellow faces, all because Everyman had his own life pinned in the center of his mind and wouldn’t allow anything get in the way of him saving himself. 

In the end, he never truly learned how to care for others or be able to see when they are in need, sending him into the Realm of the Spirits at the end of the play. 

My personal favorite part was when everyone on the stage pointed to the crowd. It almost made me feel like I was personally in the play, and it really brought me more into it and connected me much more than before. 

There were times during the play where it didn’t make much sense, but then someone would do something or say something that would relate what was said and relate it back into what was happening currently, and I would realize what was said, and it would connect in my mind. 

Everyman in the Circus of Life

The costumes looked very put together and well-planned. I especially liked the ballerina costume, very basic but still stood out. The makeup made everyone look amazing, including the props and the backdrop that they had made. The lighting and audio-recorded sounds were also very spot-on. 

Everything looked picture-perfect and not a thing seemed out of place, except the Reflections very own Juan Salcedo, who played the Strong man, whose mustache fell off during one of the scenes. With all of this being said, I am very happy I got an opportunity to go and see the play, and I would give it a 9/10.  I would definitely recommend to go and see the next play in the spring, Gull Lake Performing Arts Company always puts on a good show. The play never had a time where I wasn’t totally into it. I always was wide-eyed and open-eared.

Nyla Stanley

Nyla Stanley

Hi, I'm Nyla Stanley, and I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I have gone to Gull Lake since kindergarten. I play volleyball and soccer on my downtime when I am not doing my school work. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I joined newspaper because I feel like I go to a lot of events after school and in the community, so why not write about them in a class?

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