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Morgan Manuszak makes Gull Lake High School a little more colorful

Morgan Manuszak is a senior at Gull Lake High School who has become a notable artist. Throughout Morgan’s life, she said that since she was young she’s dreamed about becoming a lot of things. 

“I think I have always wanted to be an artist, but I went through phases of wanting to be a vet and natural resources,” Manuszak said.

Acrylic on canvas painting by Morgan Manuszak. Photo by Juan Salcedo.

Manuszak has a passion for art and believes that artists hold a specific place in society. 

“They provide us with a deeper understanding of social change,” she said, “such as political, economic, and religious reform.”

Manuszak said she believes there is a creative side to everyone, and that anyone who pursues art is an artist.

“I think that anyone who creates anything at all is an artist. Expertise does not define an artist. Instead, it is their devotion to what they create,” Manuszak said.

In her early childhood, she said her love for drawing and painting carried her into the world of art and humanities.

“I used to draw a lot, and when I was in middle school, I took extracurriculars like art club,” she said. 

Gull Lake Community High School influenced on her pursuit of art and humanities. She said that Randy Walbridge, the art teacher at Gull Lake High School, has made a tremendous impact on her art career. 

“I have taken at least one art class with Mr. Walbridge every year of high school, and I would go as far as to say he is my favorite teacher,” she said.

Manuszak said she also plans for her art career to go past the high school level and continue it into college. She has been accepted at Michigan State University, where she plans to continue her education at the Residential College of Art and Humanities. 

Pencil on paper drawn by Morgan Manuszak. Photo taken by Juan Salcedo

“I currently plan for my major to be art and humanities, but I do have a particular interest in art history,” Manuszak said. “I chose to go to Michigan State because they offer so many programs, such as community development, literature and social studies. I also wanted to stay close to home.”

Throughout her journey into the arts, she has had various people that she looks up to.

“My most prominent mentors would be Mr. Walbridge and my grandfather,” she said. “My grandfather is an art teacher and taught me a lot of what I know during my middle school years, and Mr. Walbridge, aforementioned, has supported me through my high school years. I have learned lots about myself and my art through his classes since I have taken all of them.”

She not only looks up to her art teachers, but she also looks for inspiration in others’ works.

“If I ever hit an art block or feel uninspired, I look at other’s art on social media like Instagram, and I also occasionally go to museums. I really enjoy The Art Institute of Chicago,” she said.

Manuszak has made and still does make strides to develop her art career and make her known in the community. 

“With Mr. Walbridge’s help, I have entered my work into art shows in the community, such as the Richland Art Fair, and The Festival of the Senses at the Gull Lake High School,” Manuszak said. “Entering into shows has allowed me to get feedback from other people, and it is a way to get your name known.”

Regarding the arts in general, Manuszak said that she has concluded that artists will not be going anywhere and that they are a permanent part of what makes someone human. 

“I believe that the ability to make art is a staple characteristic that differs man from a monkey,” Manuszak said. “We can think and express ourselves with a world of different colors and strokes, so let’s continue to do that.”

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