Quiz Bowl takes it one step forward

Quiz Bowl is played something like Jeopardy without answering in the form of a question. It’s also a team effort where teams of four players compete against other teams of four. As for categories, those are as numerous as the famous show including, math, science, pop culture, grammar and more.

There are two rounds of 10 minutes and whichever team does the best wins. This year’s team continued to improve and are quickly becoming competitive. The team consisted of freshmen and sophomores, and it’s the team’s goal to recruit more upperclassmen for next year. 

The leaders of the team currently are Raymond Antel who is a first-year teacher English teacher at Gull Lake. Cristy Connellee is also one of the leaders, she is a third-year English teacher here. This is also both of their first year coaching the Quiz Bowl team.

“The best part of Quiz Bowl is when we come in on Tuesdays and play the game with each other and have fun,” Connellee said.

The team advanced in competition before school was called for Covid 19. Students had taken a third place, advancing them to states at the roundtable competition. Roundtable is when all the teams go against one another at the same time. Each team is allowed to discuss with their teammates, and the team gets 15 seconds to answer the questions. The scores are tallied up at the end. There are no particular questions, but there are themes that the team has to catch on to. Many schools have students on the team study certain fields. Some examples of this would be a math expert or a science expert that can be a lot on one person though. 

“It’s about celebrating the things we know and having fun learning new things when we don’t know the answer,” Antel said. 

There is no way to really prepare because all the questions are different, but on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 they got stacks of questions from previous competitions, and they’d quiz each other on the questions to prepare for the tournaments that are held on Mondays.

The advisors of the team said they want the students to have fun and just be happy about the things they know and to learn new things as well. Learning new things and being able to show them off in a competition can be very cool. If you join next year, know that there are no major commitments, no payment required, just stop by on Tuesday and see how you like.

If you have other commitments, you are not prevented from coming to the tournaments on Mondays, or if you want to come to the Tuesday practices, you are not required to come to the tournaments on Mondays.

“We would love to see any students who like to learn new things, have fun and show off what they know there,” Connellee said.

Syann Hollins

Syann Hollins

My name is Syann Hollins. I am a junior at Gull Lake High School, and I chose this class because I wanted to get better at videography and photography/photoshop. I enjoy writing, editing, and I also hope to improve those skills. I'm interested in writing about community activities and maybe a few sports.

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