Virtual field trips come to Kalamazoo

School field trips were always a blast while in grade school. Going to the Zoo and exploring all the animals students knew existed but never got to see up close and in person. Going to places like Greenfield Village and seeing how people lived in the olden days and not just reading from a book. Then there’s also artifacts from the Holocaust Memorial Center, which can give students different perspectives got to interact with these tragic part of history. These open up a whole new worlds and make the words on a page a reality. 

The Kalamazoo Promise partnered with Streamable Learning, an online learning program based in Charleston, South Carolina. Streamable Learning’s goal is to help students of all ages seek education and inspiration easier.

Kids cheers while on computer during a virtual field trip. Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay 

According to Steamable Learning this will allow the classroom “to an endless world of interactive, educational live streams that equitably connects students, schools, and districts to subject matter experts and organizations from around the world.”

This website provides endless numbers of interactive Livestream programs. The program is supposed to be easy, affordable, and it will constantly improve. They have diverse subject matter experts that will deliver a real-time interaction with the trip.

 Virtual field trips that are expected to be a richer experience and prep college students through the Kalamazoo Promise. This idea could soon be spread out to other schools and seen in every classroom.

Mariah Harney

Mariah Harney

Hey! my name is Mariah Harney I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. This is my first year being apart of the Reflection staff, and I couldn't be more excited! I love sharing my thoughts on environmental issues and health. outside of school, I love to play soccer and basketball and I throw in track. I also have a pretty creative side to me from writing all the way to painting.

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