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The Impact of the Coronavirus on us all

It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how poor you may be, how old, or young everyone all across the globe is being affected by it. Today marks week three of the lockdown due to the coronavirus. Many jobs have been shut down as well as other activities. Everyone was told not to gather in crowds bigger than 10 for safety and to hopefully stop the spreading of this disease. It has affected students, businesses and families all across the world. The thing about this pandemic that it does not leave anyone out.

Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19, according to “is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. This was first identified in Wuhan, China where there was an outbreak” according to the CDD ( From there, it has spread all across the world. 

The  United States is currently leading with the most confirmed cases at 305,341, and deaths at 8,283. When the news first broke about this virus, stores were getting cleaned out. All the toilet paper was gone including other essential items and food that people needed. There was no more hand sanitizer or cleaning supplies and people were going crazy. The stores, including those local to us, had to start putting limits on essential items so that other people could get the things they needed as well. Everyone was cleaning everything off and making sure that they were washing their hands. People were trying to stay six feet away from one another trying not to spread or contract it. Things eventually started to settle down but when things back into stores they don’t tend to last long. 

One main group that this disease is affecting are the schools and students. We left school on the 13th of March and were set to return on the 13th of April. Due to the increase of cases in Michigan and all around the government had a big decision to make on whether or not we would be going back to school for the remainder of the year. Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-35, which orders all K-12 school buildings to close for the rest of the school year, while ensuring, “continuing of learning by setting guidelines for remote learning” on Monday, March 30. This will be somewhat of a challenging time for teachers and students to continue the educational process to be able for students to still get credit for the 3rd trimester.

This was a big concern for many students and families wondering how grades and things would be determined. Seniors are most affected by this because this is their last year and they had lots of things planned that will now either be canceled or postponed. One main thing being graduation. It also affects prom and sport recruitments for spring sports.  

This is not just affecting seniors though. It is also affecting many students that were doing dual enrolment or an EFE/ EFA. All sports and extracurricular activities have stopped for the rest of the season so that means no more spring sports such as track and field, baseball, soccer, softball or tennis. This quarantine is set to end in April, but it continues to change so we might not know. These ultimately effects fall sports as well. This would include boys’ soccer, football, volleyball, girls’ golf and others.

This is very disappointing to many other grades as well because they could still be viewed as options for school and sports. Many schools are trying to start online school and give homework but due to many families not being able to access wifi it can be a little difficult. Some schools such as Gull Lake are still giving out lunches for those who need them. This is really helpful to families and students who took advantage of this during school. 

Govenor Whitmer is also trying to limit the use of people going outside and being in groups, due to this she has asked for businesses to close their indoor seating allowing only drive-through and pick up which helps with keeping people safe through social distancing. Applebees, Culvers and other businesses around the Richland and Kalamazoo area have taken advantage of this. Many small businesses are negatively affected. They may not be open or get little flow leaving them unemployed, this is also true to many families who either can’t work or can’t leave their kids alone to be able to go to work. Unemployment has increased and will continue to increase if this continues.

According to The NewYork Times, the jobless rate today is almost certainly higher than at any point since the Great Depression. The Times believes that its around 13 percent and rising at a speed unmatched in American history.

Due to the lack of activities and things to do many people have been finding ways to keep busy or start something they have always wanted to. Whether that be working out, taking up a hobby or trying a new skill, or even creating something. We will all come out of this and hopefully be able to rebuild ourselves up as a nation as well as to help others.

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Syann Hollins
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