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10 ways to keep yourself busy during quarantine

Are you bored? Are you trying to figure out a way to keep yourself or your kids busy? Well, I am here to help. Here are 10 fun activities you and your family can do while on lockdown.

1. Art

Painting and drawing are really fun activities for the whole family. This costs little to no money and most of the time, you already have the supplies you need lying around your home. To draw all it takes is some paper, pencils or some crayons and imagination. It’s okay if you can’t think of what to draw just look at ideas or go to YouTube. It is very easy to find a tutorial or step-by-step. 

Then you can display your work around your house. You might also be able to find old crayons, straps, glue, etc. around your home. If you want to paint for cheap, there are paints and things that you can get from almost any store. If you want to go a little further, you can go pick up canvases for Meijers or other art stores, and there is always Amazon. Challenge yourself by following along with a Bob Ross video, or any other artists that you may like.

2. Learn a new language

While very challenging to do and may take a good amount of time, if you have the motivation to do it you could learn a new language by the start of next school year. I have been spending a lot of time trying to re-teach myself sign language and again, YouTube has been very helpful. There are many different ways you can learn a language; YouTube, apps on your phone, an online tutor, or even ordering a book. Personally, I enjoy YouTube and it is free, as good apps might cost money as well as tutors.

Some apps that I have used in helping me better my Spanish was Duolingo. Along with Spanish, this app has French, Italian, German, and just about any language you could think of.  Busuu is also another really good free language app. I have not tried this app myself but it has pretty good reviews. 

3. Go Outside!

It has been extremely nice outside. Go for a bike ride or a walk. You can even go for a jog or a run. This is an easy way to just get out of the house and get your blood flowing. Soak up the sun and enjoy yourself. You can kick a ball around in the backyard or even play basketball in the driveway if your family has a net. Just get outside and enjoy this amazing weather.

4. Start something new

“I’m too busy” “I don’t have enough time to do that” have you heard yourself say this before because I sure have. Well with all of this time off it is the perfect time to start that project that you have been holding off on. Or do you have a business of an idea that would be cool? Well plan it out and get to it, you never know what could come out of it. Another good project to start would be a puzzle, this can be done alone or with your family which will make it ten times more fun.

5. Talk to friends online or social media

Connecting with friends is always a good way to occupy yourself. You can FaceTime, Skype, text, call, or even email them. There are many ways that you can connect with friends and you can even do something together to keep yourselves busy. My friends and I have worked out together, we have tried different makeup looks, and even draw together on facetime. And sometimes you just need some time away from your family so you can call your friends to catch up and just talk about whatever. 

6. Workout 

Trying to get that summer body? Well, now you have plenty of time to do so. Maybe you went to a gym before the virus started or maybe you didn’t whether or not, now you have no excuse, not to workout. There are workouts for just about every area of your body that you want to target. Do you want abs? Just go to YouTube and lookup an ab workout. Do you want an arm workout? Just go to YouTube. Do you want leg workouts? Just go to YouTube. Just about everything that you can think of doing you can find a workout for it.

Chloe Ting is a YouTuber that has workout plans, different meal plans, and even advice on how to better your exercising. Pamela Reif also has another good channel for workouts. Along with Fraser Wilson and many others. You might also want to start your own workout channel or even just start a youtube channel.

7. Learn to cook or bake 

This is the perfect time to learn to cook or bake. You can keep it simple or even shoot for the moon and make something extravagant like coconut chicken or salmon pasta. It is a great way to pass time while also creating something that is edible and that you and your family can enjoy. You might not be so good when you first start but with practice, you can try new things and figure out what works for you. It will be really fun and taste good.  

TikTok users have been getting really creative with this one by having themed dinners. You might want to have a Disney themed day when everyone dresses up as a character or something and you make a food or dessert from a Disney movie. Another idea that I have seen would be like a movie theater or a Starbucks. This is a fun way to bring the family together and enjoy the wonderful food you make.

8. Organize something

Even when you’re a neat freak, there are things that can be cleaned or organized. Take some time to clean. Maybe your closet is not the neatest, or you just need to clean up your room. It may not seem fun at first or even at all, but when you get done you will feel so much better and happy with yourself because you got it out of the way. Spray some perfume or Febreze around and relax.

9. Spa Day 

Relaxing is for everyone, so guys if you don’t think you can do these your wrong. You have gotten everything done that you needed and you just want to relax. Get a foot massager tub or if you don’t have that you can use some type of tub. Fill it with warm or hot water and add whatever you want and just lay back. You can watch a movie, lay back and close your eyes, listen to music, or even watch YouTube. 

Put on a face mask and if you don’t have one make one. Pinterest is a good place to find how to make face masks or anything else you want to do. Paint your nails, since you can’t go get them done you might as well learn how to do them yourself or practice on a family member. Guys can paint theirs as well, clear is a nice if you don’t want to go overboard.

Take a warm bath or shower, use a bath bomb or just have a nice bubble bath if you want. Do whatever it is that helps you relax because everyone needs some time to unwind and not have to stress about anything.

10. Read a book 

Last but not least, pick up a book. When you find the right book, you will not want to put it down. Whether it is adventurous, drama, romance, nonfiction, a bibliography or whatever you’re into. You never know what will happen when you open a book. It can take you to a whole new world and you can also learn a lot from a good book. Although you might not be able to go to the library, you can read a book online, or if your library has an ebook option, just look for the book you want and get to reading.

Most of these require you to make an account and might charge a small fee. One ebook app that is highly rated is the Kindle app. Audible allows you to listen to the audio version of the book. Google play books is also a good app and it is really easy to find.

Thank you for reading and make sure to continue to social distance and stay safe.

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