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Administration plans for Gull Lake 2020 graduation

 Due to the coronavirus, there has been a delay to the 2020 graduation for seniors all over the country, and Gull Lake is included. The date, for now plan A is for Gull Lake seniors to graduate on June 4 and has not been canceled yet. However, principal Don Eastman said they preparing for other plans just in case.

There is a plan B and C, according to Eastman. If the original plan does not work, plan B is set for a reservation at Miller Auditorium for the weekend of July 30.

“Miller has been very accommodating by allowing us to essentially hold two weekends as possibilities,” Eastman said. 

Gull Lake Graduation last June for the class of 2019 at Miller Auditorium. Photo by Hannah Lord

If neither of those dates works, then he said they are going to the plan C, which is hosting a virtual or individual awarding and photo ceremony. 

Unfortunately, plan C is still being formatted just in case it’s needed.

Eastman states this year’s graduation is going to be the same as last year’s graduation just with a backup plan just in case the Coronavirus requires the six feet distance or more between us.

With over 200 graduating seniors in the class of 2020 and parents, that’s a lot of space.

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