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Weird weather springs up in the month of April in Michigan

Michigan weather can be all over the place throughout the year. There won’t be snow in summer, but there can be in spring and sometimes fall. The weather is very confusing sometimes and can be frustrating. The month of April can already be a “bipolar” season because although it’s leading up to summer, it can contain all four seasons.

Not too long ago, there was snow. That was normal for April because winter was the last season and sometimes it will be thrown into that season. According to Michigan Radio snow in April is fairly common for Michigan, a state notorious for its weather mood-swings. The average April snowfall from 1930 to 2010 ranged from 0.6 inches in Dearborn to a whopping 11.4 inches in Ironwood.

It really just depends on the city or type of weather happening at the time how much snow there will be. For most of it, it is random and can be unexpected. The snow was not as bad this year, and we didn’t get very much. There was even hail that occurred, some the size of a golf ball according to MLive. Some years there will be a lot of snow that lasts until April or even may if it is a crazy year, but there was a lack of snow this season and stopped sometime in March. According to the National Weather Service, in 1886 it snowed 24 inches in one day in April.

A nice, warm, sunny day in April.
Photo by: Rylee Hovanec

But most of all, Spring is known for being rainy. Thunderstorms can even make some people happy. Rain is more common and will mostly happen sometimes once a week or a couple of weeks. It said that “Spring often conjures up thoughts of April showers and May flowers.” Farmers’ Almanac says, “as of April, the 2020 season has already seen a lot of weather craziness.” Thunder, lightning, heavy storms and rain are common to occur in mainly the month of April and also will happen in the warmer months. Michigan will also have tornadoes, but they are not too common in the area but definitely can occur and have.

The pollen can be high sometimes during the springtime as well and is usually the season of allergies. There is pollen spread throughout the state, and it is a common thing to come around in the springtime. According to Patch, “allergy season will peak between late April until late May” this year. The pollen can get pretty high and can make people have worse allergies when being outside too long.

There have also been some gloomy days that are no rain but cloudy and a little chilly temperature that can seem like fall. The warm weather has come in as well where the sun is out and people can lay outside or do whatever. The nice days have been great and some days it feels like summer and people get excited because it’s coming. The UV has been high as well some days where people have laid out and tanned. The flowers will start to bloom and the color will be back on the trees. There are many pretty colors and views that come out in spring and it gets to be nicer again. Most of the days, it can be chilly and the sun will come out a little or a lot within the days, but it seems to be pretty nice since there are all types of weather happening.

Overall, the months of spring in Michigan can have all four seasons and different types of weather to occur. They can change fast and can be nice one day and raining or storming the other. There can be many different types of things going on like pollen, snow, rain, storms, hale, etc. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell and people don’t know how much the weather will change, it just depends. It is an interesting season full of excitement and confusion. 

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