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College is expensive: How to find money to pay for higher cost of higher education

One of the first sources you should explore are the counselors at our school. They can guide the way through red tape, but really, there is plenty of funds if you know where to look. Gull Lake high school counselor Diana Kwiatkowski said that scholarships are everywhere.

“You just have to do your research,” Kwaitkowski said.

She advised to start the search closer to home.

“Two top spots that I tell students to look into are the Gull Lake Community Schools Foundation and the Kalamazoo Community Foundation,” Kwiatkowski said.

College can be difficult to pay for and can also stress many students and their families out. Scholarships are very useful in these situations. There are books and websites that can help when looking for scholarships.

“There are many search engines that students can look into that provide emails to students of scholarships that they can look into applying too,” said Kwiatkowski.  “Another place to look for scholarships is the college that you plan on attending.  Many alumni provide scholarships to students.”

College counselors and college offices can help when searching. One really good book that helped me was Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants & Prizes. This book has pages and pages of very specific scholarships. They have some for different careers that people might want to go into. There are also scholarships for different religions, and if you are left-handed, also many miscellaneous scholarships.    

Online scholarships searching might be very convenient but you have to be careful. It is easy to google scholarships, but it can be very annoying when you have to put in your email and a lot of other information that you may not feel comfortable giving. With the online scholarships after signing up, it is very easy to navigate. There are very easy scholarships like— write about an ice cream flavor that you like, or what is your favorite season.

Although it might take a little more work going straight to an adult or someone in the school or college system, it is easy to be able to get information about scholarships. Sometimes they can even give you information about full-ride scholarships or even programs and classes that can help you get some of those scholarships.

Although you may apply for a scholarship that does not mean that you will get it.

“My advice to a student who doesn’t receive a scholarship is to keep your head up and keep trying,” Kwiatkowski said. “Scholarships are hard to get but it is free money that you don’t have to pay back so it is worth the time.”

Getting scholarships can cause a lot of stress. It can be a very strenuous process; the application, cuts, interviews. These can be either exciting or stressful. One thing to always remember is that you can not get discouraged when you don’t get every scholarship you apply for. You have to just try your best and know that there are tons of scholarships out there to apply for.   

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