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Students activities vary while social distancing

Over this very, very long break that COVID-19 has given us, students all over are quickly running out of things to do. Staying home and doing school work for weeks on end is not what students were looking toward.  With everything being canceled including spring sports, and places to go closed like restaurants, what are the students of Gull Lake High School doing?

“I have been skateboarding at the Richland Park because I live pretty close, so I can walk there and skate around,”  freshman Alexa LaDuke said.

Going outside can be a fun and relaxing activity, while making sure they keep their distance and remain mindful.

This extended break is a perfect time to finish the big projects that people have been putting off.

“I’ve been working on my car and playing Xbox at home,”  junior Oliver Hess said.

Through all of this, it might be hard to keep in contact with friends that one would be used to seeing at school almost every day. LaDuke said she uses social media to keep in touch.

“I have been texting [my friends] pretty much every day, and I have FaceTimed a lot of them to check-in,” LaDuke said. 

With today’s technology, people are more connected than ever. FaceTime, Skype, Houseparty and even Zoom are all ways to keep in touch with the ones that you are close with during times like these. 

“I’ve stayed connected by playing video games with [my friends] and FaceTime calls,” Hess said. 

Video games are also a way to keep in contact with friends. You get to communicate with friends, and you get to do something fun. For example, you can play Xbox or PlayStation, those are the more common ways to play video games. 

“I would love to start learning more about the culinary arts because I’m very interested in them,” LaDuke said. Learning more about how to cook and bake is perfect right now. Not only do you learn more about essential life skills but you can also make dinner for your family. Some of my favorite recipes are this homemade pasta recipe and this Disney Beignet recipe, inspired by Princess and the Frog.

Mickey Mouse Beignets
Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

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