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The cost of sleeping in and staying up

Not having a schedule during the day gives people the choice to go to bed when they want and wake up when they want. Although choosing a sleep schedule is a natural process people do, there are extremes because some people are night owls and like to sleep during the day.

All students are used to having to wake up early even if they go to bed late for whatever reason when they have school. According to experts at Amerisleep “the gold standard of normal has long been considered eight hours,” but many exceed the time or get less. Seven is often seen as more reasonable, such as Arizona State University professor Shawn Youngstedt, who told the Wall Street Journal, “The lowest mortality and morbidity is with seven hours.” Since school isn’t in session for the time being, adults and children’s sleep schedules are going to be messed up. Students, since they don’t have anything to do the next day, and adults adjusting to their children’s new patterns. It’s common knowledge that sleep is important for people’s daily life, so getting the right amount of sleep is important. 

My cat sleeping.
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While during school, students often don’t get enough sleep, now with extra time on their hands, it’s at the other extreme. people who sleep their whole day away and feel exhausted because they overslept. Doctors at WebMD say that sleeping too much can lead to serious problems for someone’s body and mind. Somebody’s sleep schedule should be taken care of once in a while and people should try to manage it just because it can cause damage. According to the Sleep Foundation, “having a normal sleep schedule—meaning you go to bed and wake up around the same time every day—can help your body clock sync up with when you need to feel awake and when you want to feel sleepy” which will help people with their habits.

Sleeping in takes half away most of the day and leaves someone feeling even more tired and not as energized because they overslept. Part of the problem often stems from people who are called night owls. If you stay up all night, it is a lot harder for them to fall asleep, which will cause them to sleep in. Harvard College study found that setting regular sleep times will get someone to naturally fall asleep and get back into a sleeping schedule that’s healthy. It also suggests that do things to help you sleep before going to be and don’t stimulate you, such as avoid video games and action television. If you want to fall asleep easier and wake up refreshed, use get in a schedule.

Overall, staying up and sleeping in is a normal thing many do and there aren’t always problems with it, but it is good to take care of oneself.

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Rylee Hovanec
Rylee Hovanec
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