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Why Gov. Whitmer leaves this Michigander miserable

By Trevor Senske, guest reporter from Multimedia and Reporting


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer at round table with high school students. Photo courtesy of Julie Picket on Wikicommons

The whole world is in a pandemic of the Coronavirus, otherwise known as (COVID-19). The virus is killing thousands and thousands of people, but many people who are staying at home are miserable, stressed, upset and anxious to get out. As you may know Michigan is in a stay at home order provided by Governor Whitmer. The stay at home order is for everyone to stay home and stay safe. The only time you can leave is to get groceries and needed items, and to go to the hospital if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Yes, the stay at home order is saving lives, but many people in Michigan are suffering by not being able to be out and about, especially kids and teenagers. 

In the normal times before COVID-19, kids and teenagers were allowed to go see their friends and socialize. While the stay at home order is limiting those opportunities, everyone has no idea what to do with themselves at this time.

Reasons Why Gov. Whitmer is Wrong

Governor Whitmer has set the stay at home order in Michigan three separate times. The first order was set to end on April 30, then May 15, and as of now it is set to end on May 28. I feel as if the extra extensions are unnecessary and here is why: As I previously stated, kids and teenagers have to now adapt to staying at home and not being able to socialize and that is horrible. We can’t even go see our friends that make us have fun and make us happy. Instead of being able to see our friends, we are having to see our siblings everyday, which after being with them for a long period of time, they can get very annoying.

 I watched a youtube video about a doctor who explained that staying inside ruins the immune system. According to Dr. Erickson, “The immune system is built by exposure to antigens,” a key word in that sentence is “antigens.” That word means the exposure to viruses and bacteria. In the video the doctor also says that “you don’t take a small child, put them in bubble wrap, in a room, and say ‘go have an immune system’.” This means that a child has ro be around things that will help build up that immune system so that they won’t have problems as they grow up. And yes, we have built up an immune system but by staying inside, it is going to weaken it by not being able to be out and about.

The doctor goes on to explain that as you are a young child, you put things in your mouth that had germs and that helped build up the immune system. He then goes on to say that by humans staying inside and not being able to be around those types of things will weaken the immune system and make it so you will begin to get more sick to the types of things we used to be around, because of the loss of a strong immune system. So the moral of that is, the longer we stay inside, the more likely that when we do get out, more and more people will get sick due to a weakened immune system.

Teens Are Missing Out On The Fun Things In Life

As many teenagers are stuck at home and not able to do anything, there are many teens who are now turning 16 years old during this pandemic. As you may know from experience, that as you were in high school, turning 16 was the biggest thing on your mind. That is because you are able to get your driver’s license. The fact that Gov. Whitmer has closed the Secretary of State’s office, those that want to get their license to experience the fun of driving on their own are on hold due to the closings. Whitmer could at least make the 6 feet apart rule to at least let us 16 year olds get our license. 

Many 16 year olds, including me, are very upset because we are missing out on this huge opportunity, and we have no idea when we will be able to get the chance. Friendships, relationships are all fading because we don’t have the chance to see them and have the friendship or relationship that they had. Gov. Whitmer is wrong for keeping us inside. She is more focused on the numbers and focused on her own beliefs of this pandemic. 

I believe that she is not taking anyone else’s thoughts into consideration. Many others could agree that it is time to reopen the state and get back to some sort of normal. 

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