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Walks at the Richland Park led by painted rocks

As self isolation continues, it is hard to find new and exciting things to do everyday in your home. In order to conquer that, I’ve started going on consistent walks through Richland Park. This is a nice way to get a nice breath of fresh air and a way to get out of what seems to be a cooped up house. There are lots of different paths and things to look at at the park and it is also nice to see new faces (while staying 6-feet apart).

There are some on bike rides looking for a new personal record, or those just on a nice walk with their family. One thing that I can’t help to notice is one of the trails is  scattered with painted rocks to view and to take. Painting is something I have been doing to keep myself busy during quarantine. Not only is it very relaxing, but it is awesome to see your paintings come to life. And because craft stores are closed, and canvases are hard to get, rocks become an awesome alternative option. No rock is the same leaving it up to your imagination on what you should paint on it. On the Richland Park trail I’ve seen rocks that are painted as dinosaurs, butterflies, ladybugs and lots of other critters. There are even some that have a simple picture with some sort of inspirational saying. There are always new batches of rocks coming out and they always get picked up by different families. The people who paint these rocks still remain anonymous but their work is not going unappreciated.

Whoever it is is leaving a mark on the Richland community by sharing these amazing rocks with us. These uplifting sayings and fun rocks are awesome for children and adults and can leave a nice spot on your front porch or garden. While being separated during this time, a simple painted rock can be something that brings us all back together.

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Molly Clark
Molly Clark
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