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Odd schedules make it easy to overeat during lockdown

Being home all day surrounded by food can be good and bad. Managing a time to eat can be difficult when the sleep schedule is messed up. Waking up late means eating later and possibly missing a meal. Staying up later als means snacking (or feasting) at night.

Ever since being off from regular school, I don’t eat at normal times. When I go to school, I have to wake up around 6-7 p.m., then I get ready and eat breakfast. There was a scheduled time for lunch as well, depending on my class schedule, which ranged from 10 am to roughly 12 p.m. I ate dinner around the same time at around 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. with my family. 

Yummy food for a party, but not such a good idea to eat at night while watching TV.
photo by Rylee Hovanec

Now that I am home, waking up late means missing the normal time I should be eating breakfast and eating it when I should be eating lunch. I end up not eating normal lunch and eating a snack before dinner.

Being home also means overeating. It happens because people have access to eating food whenever they want. Staying up late causes me to eat snacks at night. This isn’t just an American problem. Doctors on NDTV in India state that eating late at night leads to health problems such as “increase in blood sugar levels, heart diseases, obesity, and acidity.” These serious health issues may become a person’s future if they overeat every night.

While I tend to only eat a few things before I go to bed as I watch a show or movie, I try eating at least one healthy food to offset one junk food. I try to balance what I eat. Having a piece of fruit is good to have before bed and only sticking to at least one serving of chips or other junk food.

Overall, being home all day and having access to food can have some problems that go along with it. I thinks it’s smart to try to schedule when to eat and what to eat for my own health.

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Rylee Hovanec
Rylee Hovanec
I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I play volleyball, basketball, and I run track. I live with my mom, dad, and I have a cat. I enjoy playing sports and I have been playing them most of my life. I like to hangout with friends and family, watch TV/movies, listen to music and relax.

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