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How parents are helping their kids with online school

Right now is a weird time for parents of children still in school. Online classes are not easy, for the students, the teachers or parents. It is not as easy for students to email or make an over the phone meeting with their teacher rather than walking into their classroom and asking them individually. It is much more complex. And, over email, it is even harder for teachers to get their point across to their students.

During these times, students might ask their parents for help with their homework. But, it’s natural for parents to forget what they were taught 20, 30 years ago.

“My parent will help me if I have any questions. And she always keeps me on task,” sophomore Lauryn Jerke said. 

One way parents could help their kids is by keeping an agenda and telling them when they should work on their school work, along with sleeping schedules and keeping healthy eating habits. This would make the days consistent and their students will be able to get all of their work done on time.

“The help me get the items and supplies that I need to succeed as a student. They are also there to assist me on problems that I need help on,” sophomore Danny Clancy said. 

Parents want their son or daughter to succeed, so they will do what they can to help them get through this time. 

Parents here at Gull Lake have a way to check their students’ grades using Synergy or through google classroom, so parents can use these resources to make sure that their child is all caught up and on track with their work. They can also just ask their son or daughter what they have done that day, and show them what they’ve accomplished, then tell them to put in more effort if they haven’t done enough yet. 

Communication between parents and teachers helps. Teachers email parents when students fall behind, but parents can also email teachers and ask them personally what they believe is the best way to keep their child on track with their class. There is a lot of evidence that shows a healthy relationship between parents and teachers can help out the student’s academic performance.

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