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Michigan opens up from covid

Governor Gretchen Witmer has lifted the stay home order and now businesses and restaurants can start opening up again. Michigan started its stay at home order on March 23. 

People are allowed to go out and go to stores, restaurants and hair salons, but they still have to wear a mask and social distance. According to David Jesse from the Detroit Free Press, some business owner remain nervous to open while others in look forward to it.

¨I need to get open, but I am a little bit afraid because of my husband’s health troubles,¨ said Nadine Maliniak owner of A Night To Remember bed and breakfast.

Maliniak also said that just because places can start opening does not mean that covid-19 does not exist any more.  She said that she will take the same precautions everyone else should be taking and make sure to sanitize and wipe things down, wear a mask when going out in public, and follow the social distancing rules.

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