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Can’t escape the difficulties of online school

School is hard enough when people are actually there, but when the students aren’t even there, it can be even harder. Depending on the students and their learning abilities, some students like the change and do really well, but others kids can hate it and do poorly.  

At Gull Lake students are supposed to spend 30 minutes on each class a day, but there are some teachers who are giving a lot more than 30 minutes. Teachers think that since we all have to stay home that we have time and should be able to get work done, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Students should definitely be putting in effort, and show the teachers they are trying, but if students do not actually understand the information, it can be difficult to try. 

If students need help on assignments, there are Zoom calls and meetings they can go online and join, but for that there needs to be a scheduled time. Multiple students may need help, and it can be difficult to schedule with conflicts. Also emailing a teacher is an option, but not always the best option since there are many ways for miscommunications over emails. 

This is a really big change, and it’s hard to get used to because some students can not learn on their own. Students still have to do work or redo the class next year does not seem fair because we are basically teaching ourselves. Balancing all the assignments is hard, because for most classes, all the assignments are thrown at you at once at the beginning instead of throughout the days. 

Online school also takes a lot of responsibility and self discipline to be able to sit down and focus without being distracted. Working from home has many distractions, so focusing on multiple assignments a day is difficult. The assignments can vary in lengths and focusing on that one assignment can get boring and students may want to give up and just not try at all. 

Just because students have all of this time at home does not make the work any easier. Teachers may think that this time is for students to focus on school, which yes that is true, but the work is still difficult and juggling all the classes can be hard to keep on trying.

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Michael Hamp
I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High school, I have five siblings that are all younger than me. I play three sports, volleyball, basketball, and track.

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