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Black Lives Matter protest

There is so much going on in the world today it’s unbelievable. With corona and the launching of the rocket into space, and now the Black Lives Matter riots and protests. 

The black community has been fighting for equality for ever, and it has always been a problem, but with the death of George Floyde, the Black Lives Matter protests have become huge everywhere. There have been so many videos and images all over social media of police brutality and abuse of power, so many officers are guilty of it. 

There needs to be change and people have been fighting for it for so long, and racism is still here to this day. Martin Luther King wanted to peacefully protest and try to spread the word and kept it respectful and safe for everyone. Martin Luther King always spoke about police brutality and change, and he alway led peaceful protests and marches. There was a very peaceful march in Flint Michigan.

In downtown Kalamazoo there are protests going on, and the National Guard is there. It feels like we aren’t even allowed freedom of speech or the right to protest. There are many peaceful protests all around the US and most of the time they become riots and dangerous because of the police. Police will shoot tear gas, rubber bullets, and paintball guns  into the peaceful crowd. According to protestors were supposed to leave at 5:30 p.m. but some people did not even show up until 6:30. The police officers then try to get rid of the protesters, it just does not work. 

How is there ever going to be change if people get punished for speaking their mind. The first amendment guarantees freedom of assembly and the right to petition so how there are punishments for it. The riots are happening everywhere, and they get out of control. Buildings are destroyed and set on fire, cars are set on fire, everything gets destroyed. There comes a time where being peaceful is not enough anymore. 

There is so much on social media, there’s good and bad. There are videos of officers doing good and also supporting the black lives matter movement, but there are way more videos of police brutality and making cops look horrible. During riots there will be people peacefully standing there and the police will try and make them move by threatening them with their car, or physically shoving them out of the way. According to there was a peaceful protest going on that was set up by students from Oakland Tech highschool, everything was going good until the police showed up and shot ten canisters of tear gas for no reason.There is another thing on social media called Black Out Tuesday,It is to fill up social media with black screens and instead of using the time to scroll through social media use the time to educate ourselves on the black lives matter movement.  

There are many different views on everything going on right now. Some think all the riots and protests are a bad idea and should not  be happening, some think it’s a good idea, and some people may not even know what they think any more. But after this is all over there is bound to be change. There has to be change after all of this. Throughout history, many Americans’ change has come   through demonstrations for women’s rights, disability rights, and the Civil Rights Movements. There’s that people can not discriminate because of someone’s race, but that does not mean everyone will listen or follow the law. These protests and riots show how people are still racist and still discriminate. 

All of this is just insane to even think that we are still fighting for equality in 2020. Have we not learned anything from history, a lot has definitely changed, but we are still not all equal and we still have a long way to go before we can say we are. 

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Michael Hamp
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