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The new music releases of 2020

Since quarantine started, everyone has  been at home on some sort of electronic device whether it’s a phone, tablet or TV. People have been keeping up on social media because it seems to be the only thing to do. A lot of new singles and albums dropped in 2020 like Selena Gomez with her album called Rare, Justin Beiber with his album named Changes, and so many more. But it’s the new album by Mac Miller that dropped called Circles that people are talking about.

Mac Miller is an American rapper who passed away at the age of 26 in 2018. Mac Miller started in 2007 at the age of 15 when he released his first album called But My Mackin Aint Easy. Miller then later starred in a TV show called Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family. Mac Miller has released a lot of music before he passed. According to Mac Miller put out six studio albums, two extended plays,two live albums, 13 mixtapes, 41 singles and 62 music videos. 

Mac Miller had some good friends that also produced music like Ariana Grande. They were very good friends and even made a song together called “The Way.” People that have met Mac Miller and his friends say he was very kind hearted. Miller was also very close with his family and loved being around them. He is also a self-taught musician, so he taught himself everything he knew how to do and get better over time. Miller struggled with depression, addiction and said he thought about things for hours on end. 

Mac Miller’s most recent album is called Circles was released by his estate.Sheldon Pierce from says that he was struggling with anxiety and you can tell if you pay attention to some of the lyrics in this new album. They also say that this album does not really go into rap; it is mostly lo-fi beat music and indie folk. 

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