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Journaling helps people in these tough times

In times like these where people are stuck at homes maybe by themselves or just with families, it can be very difficult. Because of covid-19 everyone was supposed to stay home since March 23, and we’re into June, and it has just been lifted. It’s been 72 days, which is two months and 11 days. Being alone for that long can make someone feel very lonely and sad. 

There are many forms of communication nowadays like Facetime, Snapchat, Instagram, Imessage, to name but a few. But they aren’t the same as talking to someone in person. Some people may be able to talk to their families, and some people may not feel comfortable with that. 

Journalling is one of the best ways to let out what someone is feeling. According to doctors at Rochester University,, putting feelings in writing is a good way to manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression. From young children, we’ve been taught that building up emotions inside is not a good idea or good for the person who does it. Unfortunately, not everyone feels comfortable talking to someone or even if they do, they may feel shy about discussing important issues or feelings. Having a journal can make someone feel better and not worry about if they can rely on a certain person or not. 

Journaling can promote a person’s mental health. According to doctors at Rochester University, people should try and write everyday and write whatever the person feels. No one has to know about the journal, and the journal does not have to be shared. 

Some people may feel embarrassed by having a journal, but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Experts at state that  journaling is good for the body. It helps improve immune function, keeps memory sharp, strengthens emotion function and boosts moods. Journaling is good for when someone is feeling upset because writing out the feeling a person is having can make the person’s mood change really fast. One of the best parts about journaling is the journal can be anything from a pile of scrap papers to a notebook. 

Many children have a diary or journal as a child, maybe even teen but usually get rid of them by the time they become adults, but just because someone is an adult does not mean that people do not need to journal. It can have a big impact on someone’s life.

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Michael Hamp
I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High school, I have five siblings that are all younger than me. I play three sports, volleyball, basketball, and track.

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