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How to prepare for virtual college visits

College visits are great ways for graduating high school students to get a glimpse into that college’s style. They allow for the students to look at the campus, dining halls, dorms, meet peers and begin mapping out their day.

Because of Covid-19, all college visits have gone to virtual meetings. For juniors and seniors who are looking into different colleges, this can be frustrating because it is much different than seeing them in person. Carefully planned college tour road trips have been scraped, and Zoom calls have taken over. Unfortunately with these calls, the face-to-face aspect of seeing the college is out of the picture. Without being there in person, seeing yourself fit in or not is harder.

Zoom calls and virtual reality apps have been made for these struggling high school students. Colleges like New York University, High Point University, Northeastern University, and lots more have released virtual tours of their campus. has plenty of colleges to look at.

There are many ways to prepare for a virtual college visit. Researching and looking into what clubs or activities the college are great things to start with. Interested students  should be sure to write down any questions they may have beforehand for the college admissions officer. Along with virtual campus tours there may be other virtual events for the students to attend as well. 

Social Media also can be a big help in finding the right college. On Instagram or Twitter students can look for official accounts about a college, or student-led accounts. This gives perspective students a little more insight into what it may be like.

Learning more about the surrounding area of the campus can be very helpful as well. What restaurants are nearby the campus? Is it near a big city? What other activities can you do? Are there outdoor parks around? What other attractions are there nearby? Is there public transportation? These are all very big factors that you can often forget about. Google Maps offers a streetview version which is helpful because you can see storefronts and begin to piece together what it is like.

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