History in twenty-three minutes is worth a watch

Sitting down and watching a Netflix documentary is one of my favorite pastimes. It is an educational way to explore more about a  topic or discussion along with being entertaining. 

The newest Netflix docu-series released in May 2020 is called History 101 and has quickly become a new favorite of mine. Using a mix of fun infographics as well as new footage, each episode is about 23 minutes long and offers lots of information. There are 10 episodes in Season One and each tackles very different and interesting topics like fast food, the space race and AIDS. It already has shown up on Netflix’s top 10 list, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Season Two.

Each episode takes a deep dive into one topic and takes you through the beginning, the progression and where it stands now.  For example, the history of fast food was particularly fascinating to me.  I’ve always lived in a world where fast food was affordable, available and a part of our daily lives. The popular fast food chain, White Castle was the first to implement a new fast and clean design that allows for quick turn-around.

I think History 101 could easily be shown in schools as a more entertaining way to share different historical topics.  The illustrated graphics as well as the live footage, and “Did you know?” approach, is fun to watch and educational at the same time.  The information is also very well balanced and shows many perspectives.  I think that if you’re into documentaries or are in need of a school-appropriate show, History 101 is very well done.

Molly Clark

Molly Clark

Hi! My name is Molly Clark and I'm a junior at Gull Lake High School. I enjoy writing, taking pictures and traveling. I would like to pursue writing and turn it into my profession.

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