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Jacqueline Taylor addresses the terror of 9/11

I sat down with my mom, Jacqueline Taylor to discuss her thoughts on the tragic event of 9/11. I was interested in hearing her thoughts and words on the events that happened that day.

“I was shocked and afraid and confused about what actually happened. I thought it was an accident but then the news said it was an attack which made it a lot scarier,” she said. 

Jacqueline Taylor takes Christmas picture with her husband, Arnold Taylor and her three children: Colin, Kirsten and Caleb Taylor. Photo courtesy of Chuck Taylor

The day the tragedy happened she was only 33 years old and ironically at the airport about to board a flight. 

“The flight was cancelled due to the attacks that had happened though which made the situation more scary than I thought it was knowing I could’ve been attacked by terrorists on my flight as well,” she said.

She said the event impacted her life and made her “more aware of how vulnerable the USA really was to terrorist attacks and such things.”

“No country is above a terrorist attack,” she said. “Anything can happen at any time. It also caused the procedures at the airport a lot harder and complicated which made it harder to get on flights.”

She said that this led to changes on how people check into flights.  

“We can no longer take more than three ounces of liquid on planes,” she said. “They now check you before you are allowed to enter the terminal, they check your luggage weight and what’s in it, and as a whole this causes it to take a very long time to get to your gate to board your flight.”

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