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Kailynn Bachman makes the journey of a dreamer

Kailynn Bachman who is currently in her freshman year at Gull Lake High School at just five years old started to get involved with theatre. She said she has grown up loving it and eventually found it as one of her biggest passions. 

“From a young age I had always loved film, television and music,” Bachman said. “Throughout my life music was constantly there, when I was happy, sad, whatever I felt it was my way of expression, and in Musical Theater the music is one of the biggest components.” 

Although she hasn’t been on stage all of her life she has improved a lot within her acting career, Bachman has grown in her acting with the people around her and does not consider it much of a job as it is a passion of hers. 

Kailynn knows that when things get hard there will be something good up ahead which will keep her motivated to continue and keep going. 

“The thing about theater and acting in general is that it’s so versatile and can be done in a variety of ways,” she said. “For example, acting can be live and done with or without singing, or it can be recorded for film purposes, which makes the art so unique. So, when I finally saw a live production at a local theater, I immediately knew what I wanted to do in my life.”

Regardless of how big or small she is she said will remain positive. 

“For the future, I just want to be happy,” Bachmann said. “Even if I’m working in small productions I am still doing what I love and making a living with it. It isn’t about fame or money, it is about what I want for my personal life.” 

Regarding her placement in the future, although she said does love her small family in her smalltown her plan is to move to New York to pursue her dream knowing that her friends and family will have her back along the way.

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